July 12, 2020
New England Insurance Group

Dwelling Fire

At New England Insurance Group, our dedicated agents make choosing Dwelling Fire Insurance easy. We analyze your needs and explain your options in a clear, understandable way while saving you time and money in the process. New England Insurance Group makes it quick and easy to find the Dwelling Fire policy you need at the rate you deserve.

Dwelling Fire Insurance coverage can protect your Massachusetts rental property from fire damage and yourself from legal and personal liability. With Dwelling Fire Insurance through New England Insurance Group, you can rent your property out with confidence.

Dwelling Fire Insurance policies cover houses and structures that are NOT occupied by the owner
A Homeowners insurance policy will NOT cover damages to a home that the policy holder is not living in
Dwelling Fire Insurance Policies, covers all fixed structures, such as the home itself, the foundation, cabinets, walls, counter tops, etc.
Most Dwelling Fire Insurance policies DO NOT cover personal property because the policy holder is not an occupant of the home
Dwelling fire policies can be written for other structures on the property such as sheds, unattached garages, barns, pagodas, greenhouses
If a fire leaves your Rental Home Inhabitable, a Dwelling Fire Insurance policy could cover up to a year’s rent for the vacancy
Dwelling Fire policies cover houses and structures for the specific hazard listed. That is the why it is known as “Named Peril” coverage.
Can be used to cover clean up after a loss, like after a natural disaster.
Usually pays the actual cash value for a loss, but can be upgraded to replacement cost coverage.
Dwelling Fire policies can be written for other structures on the property, such as sheds, unattached garages, barns, pagodas, greenhouses, etc…

New England Insurance Group can provide you a Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy that is both affordable and reliable. Fill out the quick and simple form to receive a Free Newton Massachusetts Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy quote today!

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